About that Freetype2 update

Matt matt at xtaz.co.uk
Tue Sep 30 10:57:13 PDT 2003

Various people said:
 > Everything here looks beautiful.  You're free to test your assumptions
 > above.  If the byte-code interpreter helps, I can always add that back
 > in as an option.
 > i had the a problem with blur font display after upgrading
 > to the latest version. adding back bytecode solves it.
 > here some screenshots with and without bytcode enabled:
 > http://webonaut.com/temp/bytecode/
 > franz.

Apologies for writing a new email and not including the old message ID 
etc but I'm reading this news group via the web archive and not actual 

I would just like to say that I have also got the blurred fonts and so 
it is a general problem. I uncommented the #define for the bytecode and 
recompiled and then my fonts are back to normal.

So unless it is a bug I think we need an option in the port to use this.


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