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>> (09.29.2003 @ 0636 PST): Kris Kennaway said, in 0.9K: <<
> On Mon, Sep 29, 2003 at 08:36:46AM +0000, yoseph widjaya wrote:
> > Dear maintainer
> > 
> > I really wish that I could have all the ports collection which are 9XXX 
> > files in a couple CDs so I don't have to go to the internet. is there any 
> > place that I could buy or download all of them. I don't mind that leaving 
> > my dialup connection open for 1 weeks
> and mirror whatever you want.  It
> will take several dozen CDs though.
>> end of "Re: asking about the ports collection" from Kris Kennaway <<

Yoseph -

FreeBSD is sold (see as both CD-sets and DVDs. In
addition to downloading the stuff that Kris mentioned above, both the CDs
and DVDs contain the entire pre-built package sets, and the DVDs contain
the source distfiles from which you can compile the ports yourself.

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