patch to fix meta key in mg

Dima Dorfman dima at
Fri Sep 26 04:22:37 PDT 2003

Rob Austein <sra at> wrote:
> Retrying, since I didn't hear anything when I sent this last month.
> Hi.  Not sure you're the right place to send this, but you're the
> closest thing I could find to a maintainer for mg.  I finally got
> tired enough of having mg's meta key not work quite right that I
> screwed around with it under gdb for a while and found the problem.
> The fix is trivial, so I hope there's some way to incorporate it.

mg comes from OpenBSD.  Have you tried submitting it to them?  Besides
feeding it back to the vendor, it would be nice to have someone that's
familiar with the code look this over to make sure that it doesn't
cause any undesired side effects (e.g., breaking other sequences--
maybe ttgetc returns int because it really needs those extra bits?).



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