Change Request: Please consider slip tag for www/jakarta-tomcat5

=?gb2312?B?WGluIExJL8Du9s4=?= delphij at
Thu Sep 25 20:22:42 PDT 2003

(bcc'ed to portmgr@)

The following files:
	Makefile, rev 1.3
	distinfo, rev 1.3
	pkg-plist, rev 1.3

solves a build error of www/jakarta-tomcat5 by upgrading it to 5.0.12. =
it be possible to slip the tag to these revisions before 4.9-RELEASE?

I even hesitate to request this because it's close to the final release
date, and this is not a security update which expose our users in direct
danger, therefore I did not have filed a PR. However, I believe that it =
be great for a  release to have all ports shipped with it buildable at =
time it released. Of course, the INDEX be updated to reflect this, and, =
there're other tag slip requests, I think it would be valuable to have =
files' tag slipped.

Thanks for the great work of the release engineering team, and portmgr@!

Xin LI,
CTO and Editor in Chief,
Frontfree Technology Network.

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