Mike Hoskins mike at
Thu Sep 25 10:34:58 PDT 2003

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Stijn Hoop wrote:
> > Try to run this:
> > $ cd /usr/ports ; make search key=blackbox

i built bb and bbconf from ports.

> did you install from the port? I just installed the port on my current -CURRENT
> and it worked like a charm, including all four plugins. I think this is
> what Jeremy tried to tell you, to try the port first.

that's what i wanted to know...  the plugins haven't been stripped for
some known reason, so i'll investigate further.  since i just moved from
4.8 to 5.1, i wasn't sure if this was just "normal" and i'd missed

> If you did install from the port, something else is wrong but I can't figure
> out what from the details you provided. Maybe you should rebuild the port
> and look for errors in the build output indicating that some plugins will
> not be built?

i'll try everything again and if all else fails will try to attach
relevant logs.



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