Getting a list of existing packages

Philip Reynolds philip.reynolds at
Thu Sep 25 09:37:50 PDT 2003

Dan Langille <dan at> 20 lines of wisdom included:
> Please cc me on any replies.
> I'm trying to find a way of determining whether or not a given port 
> should have a package.  I would prefer to obtain this information via 
> make. e.g. make -V PACKAGEEXISTS

I don't think this is possible, since package builds are done
regularly. The fact that a package existed when someone updated the
port last, does not mean that a package still exists. I think the
main reason a package would not exist would be because of a build
failure (distfile not existing, compilation error etc.)

I think the only way to check if a relevant port has a package would
be to check on bento.

I'm completely open to correction here..

I'm also wondering what exactly you mean by "should have a package"?
Perhaps I missed the point completely.

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