REMINDER: Commits to fix -STABLE package builds permitted

Scot W. Hetzel hetzelsw at
Tue Sep 23 16:35:53 PDT 2003

From: "Joe Marcus Clarke" <marcus at>
> On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 19:14, Scot W. Hetzel wrote:
>> The patch for this fix can be found in PR 56658 under the audit trail
>> (files/patch-configure).  All it does is move the test for libsm.a into
>> This is one error that bento will not be able to catch.
> If it's not affecting the package build, I'd like to hold off until
> after I tag the tree (which should be tonight if all goes well).
It doesn't affect package builds, but it should be added to the tree before
the tag is placed.  That way a corrected amavisd port that can build the
amavis-milter daemon is in the release.


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