security/amavisd and libsm from mail/sendmail

Pawel Malachowski pawmal-posting at
Tue Sep 23 13:58:54 PDT 2003


	I was not able to install latest security/amavisd + WITH_MILTER
on my box, it was failing on configure script. After a bit of investigation
I realised, it depends on libsm, which is not available. I have sendmail-sasl
installed from ports.
Compiling /usr/ports/mail/sendmail/work/sendmail-8.12.10/libsm `by hand' and
copying libsm.a to /usr/local/lib solved the problem -- amavisd WITH_MILTER
was installed with success. Is this OK to not install libsm.a with sendmail?

Paweł Małachowski

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