gnats-submit: molden port complaint bounced back; please help!

Sergey Matveychuk sem at
Tue Sep 23 03:28:53 PDT 2003

Rob Lahaye wrote:
> I am not going to bother the computer center of the university, or
> start learning the ins and outs of sendmail, simply because I want
> to say
>         "the molden port is broken and here is a patch".
> Either someone else takes it from here, or I'll give up completely
> and never ever use send-pr again, despite me loving FreeBSD!

I think it's a bad justification. FreeBSD community is not guilty you 
use unregistered IP address in backward DNS.

This is a common way to protect oneself from spam. I don't want to see a 
spam in the GNATS database.

Any way, you can find a committer volunteer and send patches to him.

But I promise, you will get many mail rejects if you do not fix the 


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