xmms DBMix plugin

Omar omar at westside.urbanblight.com
Mon Sep 22 17:07:28 PDT 2003

I found a plugin for xmms which does beat-matching (among other things):
DBMix.  From the author on the project homepage, 
http://dbmix.sourceforge.net/ (last updated 2/24/02)

	On the topic of *BSD support: As of freeBSD version 4.2,
	it was not possible to run dbmix on FreeBSD systems due to
	a issue with blocking I/O on pipes.  After contacting the
	FreeBSD development teams I was told that a patch for "linux
	style" pipes was in the works.  Once this patch is available,
	I will port DBMix. If the patch is available now, please
	let me know.

I also found the author's post from 2000:
which may provide more details.

Given that he's referencing 4.2, is what's required available in any of
the recent releases?


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