Problem installing/upgrading QT3.2

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Sat Sep 20 18:14:58 PDT 2003

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On Sunday 21 September 2003 04.24, Dragoncrest wrote:
> >Bad philosophy!
> >In that case, revert the Qt port back to the previous working Qt 3.1 port
> >ASAP and fix it in the meantime.
> >
>  >>      Actually, he said he used the package off of the freebsd website
> to reinstall the older version and by doing that he's up and running
> again.  So he's good there.  Myself, I haven't had this issue with QT to
> date.  >> It's installed and upgraded fine for me.  But then again I've
> been lucky so far too.  No major issues at all with KDE...yet.  (*crosses
> fingers*)
>          Ok, I withdraw my previous statement.  It appears I'm now having
> the same issues he is.  Decided to do a CVS update on my ports then check
> my KDE versions.  Found out I didn't have the latest version like I
> thought, so I tried updating QT as well and got the exact same issue he did
> to the letter.  So I'm guessing the port is broken somehow.  Oh well, I
> guess I wait for a patched version right along with the rest of ya.

Patch may be a while forthcoming,  Qt seems to think your machines are running 
windows during the install, when they perfectly well figured out they weren't 
during the build.

In any case, it appears that the fix at this point is simply uninstall any 
existing Qt version, and install the new one.  Packages are available for 
4-STABLE and 5.1-RELEASE, instructions at the second address in my .sig

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