Problem installing/upgrading QT3.2

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Sat Sep 20 16:15:52 PDT 2003

>Bad philosophy!
>In that case, revert the Qt port back to the previous working Qt 3.1 port
>ASAP and fix it in the meantime.

 >>      Actually, he said he used the package off of the freebsd website 
to reinstall the older version and by doing that he's up and running 
again.  So he's good there.  Myself, I haven't had this issue with QT to 
date.  >> It's installed and upgraded fine for me.  But then again I've 
been lucky so far too.  No major issues at all with KDE...yet.  (*crosses 

         Ok, I withdraw my previous statement.  It appears I'm now having 
the same issues he is.  Decided to do a CVS update on my ports then check 
my KDE versions.  Found out I didn't have the latest version like I 
thought, so I tried updating QT as well and got the exact same issue he did 
to the letter.  So I'm guessing the port is broken somehow.  Oh well, I 
guess I wait for a patched version right along with the rest of ya.

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