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Daniel O'Connor doconnor at
Thu Sep 18 19:28:00 PDT 2003

On Friday 19 September 2003 11:40, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> P.S.  How do you handle the packlist generation?  The ports system
> doesn't automatically generate these things, as far as I can tell, and
> I didn't see anything that you've added to do this.
> My agenda, if you will, on this is to deal with:
>    upgrades: portupgrade can grok packages.  If you had a good way to
>    generate the package list, then we could make it a lot easier to do
>    binary upgrades.  Thie would let me have a big meta-port that
>    covers all the 'standard' things on the machine, including the os.
>    Chances are good that some care would need to be taken in
>    portupgrade to make sure that it doesn't use binaries in place that
>    will be replaced.

I have a tool that generated plists (mostly). It uses ktrace/kdump to find out 
what files are touched. It's a bit primitive and slow, but it does work :)

>    subsetting: with the proper set of subsetting, one could easily
>    create packages such that they could install just what they
>    needed.  It might be good to have a few like "minimal to boot with
>    rc.d" and the like.
>    nopriv: it should be possible to build a release w/o any privs at
>    all.  NetBSD does this with hacks to install and pax to journal
>    installation stuff in a certain mode and a new mkfs program to take
>    that info and create a file system image that can be used in the
>    target environment.
> Warner
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