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Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Thu Sep 18 03:26:02 PDT 2003

On Wed, 17 Sep 2003 16:27:03 +0100
Paul Richards <paul at> wrote:

> > However, I suspect that a marginally better place to use these would be
> > in the "make distribute" target that "make release" uses. This way, the
> > files are already separated out into directory structures, and it may be
> > easier to build complex pkg-plist's with find(1). ALSO, it may be easier
> > to make more fine-grained packages (DISTRIBUTION=foo) with this.
> I looked into this originally so that I could use the standard BSD make
> includes for a project in work but I needed some way to have "install"
> wrappered so that any files installed by my project were registered in a
> package. Therefore, I wouldn't want it restricted to just FreeBSD
> release scripts since I want to be able to use it outside of the FreeBSD
> tree.

We have programs in the ports tree which use our bsd.*.mk
infrastructure. Will there be a problem if such a program gets installed
from ports (will it try to register itself 2 times)?


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