Base packaging

Mark Murray mark at
Wed Sep 17 07:45:42 PDT 2003

Paul Richards writes:
> I've got a prototype setup that packages the base tree. It turned out to
> be very simple. It needs a lot more polishing and testing but it looks
> like this can definitely be made to work with just some tidying up and
> re-arranging of our existing make files. I've succesfully created
> packages of /sbin by adding the following to /usr/src/sbin/Makefile
> --
> PORTNAME= FreeBSD-sbin
> COMMENT=sbin
> --

... etc.

This is excellent!

However, I suspect that a marginally better place to use these would be
in the "make distribute" target that "make release" uses. This way, the
files are already separated out into directory structures, and it may be
easier to build complex pkg-plist's with find(1). ALSO, it may be easier
to make more fine-grained packages (DISTRIBUTION=foo) with this.

Mark Murray
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