mirrors.isc.org and bsd.sites.mk

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Tue Sep 16 09:27:07 PDT 2003

Peter Losher wrote:
[ ... ]
> So I am are now populating the server with various software distributions
> (So far KDE, pgsql, OpenSSL, mod_ssl, Apache Software Foundation,
> Python, Postfix) Most of them already have mirrors.isc.org listed as a
> primary mirror site listed.

Thanks for the work you are doing, as well as the bandwidth being volunteered.

> So what would be the best way to request (if possible) that
> http://mirrors.isc.org/pub/<software> be added at the top (or next to
> the top) of the various sections in bsd.sites.mk?  The site has multiple
> OC-3's and updates from eact site's master repository at 12 hour
> intervals.  We also offer an option to those that want to use IPv6 as
> much as possible.

Your email seems to be a good way of requesting such a change.  :-)  Normally, 
the maintainers for individual ports would update their section to reflect the 
availability of a new mirror.  For something more sweeping due to the large 
number of distributions you seem to be mirroring, perhaps you should contact 
<portmgr at freebsd.org>?  (Particularly since FreeBSD is in a "ports freeze" 
pending the release of FreeBSD 4.9.)

However, if you provided a diff of bsd.sites.mk which added your mirror for the 
software which you are hosting, that would be even better than having someone 
else figure out exactly what software you're mirroring.


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