Mesa verses Mesa3?

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Sun Sep 14 22:25:48 PDT 2003

Le Lun 15 sep 03 à  2:48:27 +0200, Eric Anholt <eta at>
 écrivait :
> You should probably be using XFree86 4.x, which means the only thing the
> two mesa packages provide you are libglut, which I don't think has
> changed much.
> Our Mesa packages really need to get cleaned up I think.  I have
> split-out ports for libglut and mesa-demos from 5.0.2 ready, I think,
> and I'm working on updating mesagl to 5.0.2 and making it only build for
> XFree86 3.3.x users.  In the process, I'll update the USE_MESAing ports
> to point to libglut if necessary, update USE_MESA to point to mesagl,
> and retire Mesa3 unless there are objections.  Hopefully I'll have time
> to do this after the ports freeze ends.

OTH freeglut has a very promising 2.0.0, designed to replace libglut. I
have upgraded the freeglut port to 2.0.0.rc5 if you are interested, but
I won't send a PR until 2.0.0 final / ports thaw.
Th. Thomas.

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