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Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Sun Sep 14 22:07:34 PDT 2003

Sergey Matveychuk wrote:

> Oliver Eikemeier wrote:
>> KATO Tsuguru wrote:
>>> The function you want is availabe if "ECHO_MSG=${ECHO}" is
>>> added to /etc/make.conf. Perhaps this way is appropriate
>>> to become default value....
>> Hmmm... I consider it silly if a port tells me
>> a makesum or checksum. Most of the ports save me their
>> messages, but tell me when something goes wrong. It does not
>> work with every port, but I would like it if bento
>> builds with -s by default, that will save us the
>> repeated option reminders on a lot of ports.
>> Redefining ECHO_MSG is definetively bad, because it kills
>> every error message.
> Agree. I think we need to have different ECHO* command: for ports system 
> messages and errors, and port specific notify messages.
> It's not obviously now what I need to use ECHO, ECHO_CMD or ECHO_MSG and 
> when.

Ok, a proposal:

ECHO_CMD => not suppressable

  for the last message before you die or when something should be
  written to a file, pipe, etc. Also when an output is the result
  of the build (ie 'make maintainer`).

ECHO_MSG => suppressable, but not likely to be

  build progress, error messages, warnings, anything short relating
  to the current build. An error free build should produce the same
  results with ECHO_MSG=${TRUE}

ECHO => suppressable
  anything you want the user to know, but may be known by having read
  it before or anything that is not important in a non-interactive
  environment (portupgrade or bento) and can be deduced by reading
  the makefile.

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