FreeBSD Maxima port

Bakul Shah bakul at
Sun Sep 14 09:22:08 PDT 2003

> I have fixed the FreeBSD GCL port, and I'm using it locally for your
> maxima port. I have also done some other Maxima fixups to the INFO
> files (portlint -a -b -c was whining). I opted for GCL because I
> couldn't fix cmucl, and cmucl could not compile Maxima - it core
> dumped.

If I remember correctly, cmucl preallocates all the memory
space it will ever use by mmaping.  If the os make some of
these unavailable (due to increase kernel memory use or
whatever) cmucl gets confused.  My experience with is if you
use any of the MAXDSIZ, MAXSSIZ or DFLDSIZ options in your
kernel config file because you want more than 512MB of
datasize, cmucl will coredump.  If these default to the
values in 4.8-stable cmucl works fine.  I haven't kept track
recently but the default in -current used to be the same.  Of
course, the bug you encountered may be different....

maxima works fine with clisp as well.  Would be nice if the
freebsd port of maxima can be made to work will all three.
cmucl is the fastest, clisp is the friendliest and gcl is
what maxima "grew up" on.

Glad to see you have fixed up gcl!

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