ETH Oberon port - anyone interested ?

Pedro F. Giffuni giffunip at
Sat Sep 13 18:19:19 PDT 2003


I've been looking into the linux ETHOberon that we still carry and that will
die on Nov. 7. It doesn't run because it's a linux a.out binary, but even when
an ELF version exists "somewhere", it looks like the University of Linz is not
actively maintaining it anymore. I spoke with the maintainer, and -- in short
-- the port must die ASAP.

I'm currently working on a native port of the latest version.
The ETH-Unix maintainer is being very helpful and this already works on Linux,
Darwin and Solaris.
It ended up being a lot easier than planned: I ported the C bootloader, but
some issues are still left. Due to hardware problems here I basically need
someone with a linux emulator that is willing to play with Oberon: it looks
like you would need to modify maximum three files :). Anyone interested in
helping please get in touch with me.



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