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On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 10:06:32AM +0100, Paul Cocker wrote:
> New to BSD and Unix in general, so be gentle :)
> Trying to make XFree86-4.  Mounted CD-ROM using command "mount /cdrom" and then CD'd to /usr/ports/x11/XFree86-4  Once there used make command, only for FreeBSD to try (and fail) to access the net due to proxy authentication failure.  Since I don't believe FreeBSD supports NTLM authentication (or does it?) I wish to do this via the CD-ROM... how can I make it access it?
> I confirmed that the CD-ROM had indeed been mounted to /cdrom as the instructions say it should.

Recent versions of disks 3 and 4 from the standard FreeBSD CD set now
have pre-compiled packages on them -- recent meaning since about
FreeBSD 4.5 I think, rather than the ports tree and associated
distfiles.  Thus running make in a port directory will fail to find
the source code on the CD, and so try to go out to the network to
download it.

What you have on CDs 3 and 4 of the standard set is essentially the
packages directories from the FreeBSD FTP site.  If you go to the
directory with links to 'All' packages, you should be able to
pkg_add(1) what you need, although you may have to do a bit of disk
juggling if some of the dependency packages happen to be on the other



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