Warning: Galeon 1.3.8 is buggy (unusable?)

Adam McLaurin blueeskimo at gmx.net
Fri Sep 12 00:29:21 PDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 23:33, Adam McLaurin wrote:
> Nah, the other fella in #galeon is using GNOME 2.4, and I'm using 2.2.
> We're both experiencing the exact same problem on the exact same sites.

Alright, the problem has been confirmed by two members of the Galeon
team. I'll just post the log here to avoid confusion.

<Edgan> philipl: Just finished tracking down an annoying bug in 1.3.8
<philipl> the context menu one?
<Edgan> submitting forms
<Edgan> sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, depending on the site
<Edgan> I have tracked it down to
<Edgan> user_pref("intl.charset.default", "Western (ISO-8859-1)");  with
no coresponding gconf setting = broken
<philipl> There was a change in the gconf pref.
<philipl> The gconf pref now stores the mozilla recognized value rather
than the human readable value.
<philipl> As such, the galeon code no longer translates the value when
passing it on to mozilla.
<philipl> hence your crash.
<philipl> go to the prefs dialog and choose your default charset again
to set the gconf pref correctly.
<Edgan> user_pref("intl.charset.default", "ISO-8859-1"); plus
.gconf/apps/galeon/Rendering/Language/default_charset to ISO-8859-1 =
<philipl> this is exactly what I would hope.
<philipl> tko made the change and knows the exact details but it seems
you know what you need.
<Edgan> philipl: can it be fixed out of the box?
<philipl> As I said, if you explicitly set the pref again in the dialog,
you should be ok.
<Edgan> philipl: Also encryption of the wallet(password database)
crashes mozilla
<philipl> if not, then tko screwed up somewhere.
<tko> I didn't touch that, and basically that's why it's broken :)
<philipl> tko: say what? you didn't make sure the pref dialog was doing
its job?
<tko> pref dialog works perfectly (now) I just made the mistake of
assuming the schema was valid
<Edgan> philipl: yes, the workaround is to properly select the language
via the preferences option.
<tko> I've a fix for that, I think, but it'll break compatibility with
1.2, but it's not a problem, right?
<philipl> tko: I thought you decided to grandfather the old pref and
give it a new name for 1.3.8
<tko> I didn't get around to decide anything...
<philipl> hmm
<philipl> The encryption is slightly odd to me. maybe it does something
funny when showing the "type in your password" dialog.
<Edgan> philipl: seems to have been a 1.4 issue
<Edgan> philipl: upgraded to 1.5b and the issue seems to have gone away
<Edgan> philipl: Still seem to have a slight issue with logging into a
certain site.
<philipl> well, maybe we can hope it's all mozilla's fault then. :-)
<philipl> now I have to go to bed.
<philipl> *yawn*
<Edgan> philipl: This slight issue works fine in Mozilla
<tko> but what's the verdict for the charset pref? do we need a new one?
<philipl> well, Edgan has demonstrated that it can get ugly right now.
<Edgan> philipl: before the charset was fixed the site wouldn't let me
login at all with Galeon 1.3.8
<Edgan> philipl: now it will login, but it doesn't reload the page like
it should
<philipl> I don't like the idea of migration code, it's hacky and easy
to forget to get rid of.
<philipl> A new pref name seems a better choice for me.
<philipl> Most people won't be affected by it (probably using the
default to begin with)
<philipl> Edgan: I don't know. That sort of problem requires a great
deal more thought than I can throw at it right now.
<Edgan> philipl: ok
<tko> oh well, guess it's new pref then..
<philipl> tko: you don't like the idea?
<tko> well, I'm just pretending I don't like to break 1.2 compatibility
<tko> but I guess it'll break in any case without ugly hacks
<philipl> well, this break is better than crash breaks...
<philipl> now, I"m off to bed.
<philipl> good night folks.
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