DNS related ports from ports/net/ to ports/dns

Jeffrey J. Mountin jeff-ml at mountin.net
Thu Sep 11 22:30:08 PDT 2003

At 12:44 AM 9/12/2003 -0400, Adam Weinberger wrote:

>New categories are added slowly to the cvsup category lists. It's best
>to cvsup using ports-all, and add the directories you don't want (such
>as languages: "ports/french*" etc.) to the refuse file.

How is having a refuse file slowing down CVSup down best?  The fact is a 
category does not appear often and for those that know what they are doing 
it's been a week of:

Server message: Unknown collection "ports-dns"

This is the first time it's has taken this long for a new category to show 
up.  There is also the fact it's missing from the example files, which 
should be fixed prior to 4.9R (cross posting to -stable).  What needs to be 
done in such cases should be in the Porter's Handbook.  8-/

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