DNS related ports from ports/net/ to ports/dns

Ekrem ekrem at ozemail.com.au
Thu Sep 11 21:40:39 PDT 2003


So how would I update my ports tree to include ports/dns?

I'm running FreeBSD 5.1 and originally copied the ports-supfile from

I didn't need the various foreign language branches,
e.g ports/french, ports/german, etc in the ports-supfile,
so I've commented out the


and added in

But when I do a
cvsup -g -L2 ports-supfile

the cvsup server returns;
Updating collection ports-devel/cvs
Skipping collection ports-dns/cvs
Updating collection ports-editors/cvs


many Thanks

> Hello,
> A short note for everybody to announce that all* DNS related ports
> have been moved from ports/net to ports/dns. Thanks to Kimura Fuyuki
> for the initial work.
> If there are dns-related ports not moved yet, please drop me a line.
> If there is a dependency missing, please drop me a line.
> If there is a port missing, please drop me a line.
> (you get the idea)
> Edwin
> * all as in all defined in PR ports/56020
> -- 
> Edwin Groothuis      |            Personal website: http://www.mavetju.org
> edwin at freebsd.org    |    Weblog: http://www.mavetju.org/weblog/weblog.php

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