Bricolage + mod_perl. Comments welcomed.

Philip Reynolds philip.reynolds at
Thu Sep 11 11:53:34 PDT 2003


I realise the ports freeze is on at the moment, but I'm looking for

At the moment, I'm trying to package up bricolage[1] into a port.
Everything seemed to be going OK, but I most have missed the big
blazing sentence in the INSTALL file which said "mod_perl must be
statically compiled into Apache" ... so after adding all (and there
was a lot of them) the required dependencies, bricolage wouldn't
build because mod_perl wasn't statically compiled. So, then I
started looking into ways to do this via ports. It came to a
thundering halt when I could find no other way than creating a
separate port.

I was thinking of creating something like the www/apache13-ssl port
and name it apache13-mod_perl. Is this the appropiate way to solve
the problem? Does anyone know of any other ports or programs that
might benefit (or need) a statically compiled version of

Any comments or suggestions, especially by committers, are welcome. 

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