security/amavisd 1.0 problem

Scot W. Hetzel hetzelsw at
Wed Sep 10 19:39:54 PDT 2003

From: "Scot W. Hetzel" <hetzelsw at>
> From: "Andrew Stuart" <elitetek at>
> > It appears with the recent upgrade to 1.0, that amavisd is broken when
> > you build with_milter. attached is the section of the configure error,
> > anyone know how to fix this off hand?
> >
> > checking for libmilter/mfapi.h... yes
> > checking for smfi_main in -lmilter... no
> > configure: error: milter requested but not found
> >
> Your missing the libsm.a library, so you need to compile and install it by
> doing the following:
I found the correct solution.  There is a bug in the amavisd configure
script, where it would always add "-lsm" even if the test for sm_strlcpy
would fail.  The problem is that the LIB assignment should have been placed
in to the HAVE_SM_SM_STRLCPY test.

I have submited a patch to correct this in PR 56658.


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