FreeBSD ports: 1 unfetchable distfiles: devel/flyspray

Nick Hilliard nick at
Wed Sep 10 14:54:56 PDT 2003

Bill distfiles Fenner wrote:
> 	You are listed as the FreeBSD port maintainer for 1 port
> whose distfiles [or main web pages] are not fetchable from their
> MASTER_SITES.  Could you please visit

Uh, yeah, this was a pain in the bum to get sorted.

Pulling the distfile works fine from the port; the real download URL is:

Portlint threw hissy fits about this URL, so it was necessary to 
re-define the "do-fetch" target in the Makefile to shut it up.  This is 
obviously confusing the distfile download survey code.

But the most important thing is that the port works correctly.


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