Unfetchable distfiles reminder

Michael Edenfield kutulu at kutulu.org
Sun Sep 7 18:41:37 PDT 2003

* YazzY <freebsd at yazzy.org> [030907 20:13]:

> I just wonder if this list is correct at all now that one of the two 
> randomely chosen ports actually worked. And all I can see is red labeled 
> comments...

Obviously, the script that checks & generates this list can only go by
what information is available when it runs.  The nature of the Internet
is such that http/ftp servers go offline all the time for short periods
of time -- overloaded, network problems, hardware problems, etc.  It's
rather likely that quite a few ports will happen to have transient fetch
errors at the time when the distfile check is done.  

If the errors are not real then obviously it's really easy to fix them


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