REMINDER: Ports freeze starts in one week

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Sun Sep 7 12:10:36 PDT 2003

Le Mer  3 sep 03 à  7:40:32 +0200, Joe Marcus Clarke <marcus at>
 écrivait :
> This is just a reminder to let everyone know that the ports freeze for
> 4.9-RELEASE will begin in one week (September 10, 2003 12:00 EDT).  At
> that time, only package build bug fixes will be permitted unless you
> have prior approval from portmgr@ to do otherwise.

Could someone commit PR ports/56287 before this date

The port french/aster is broken (Checksum mismatch for
aster_src_7.1.tar) and this is only a change in distinfo.

Truly yours,
Th. Thomas.
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