MD5 checksum missmatch for bpft4

Evgueni V. Gavrilov aquatique at
Fri Sep 5 19:09:01 PDT 2003

Peter Pentchev wrote:

>>  My digests are 3810114b068f438cc7e8e0b1af745953 from top 6 links.
>>  Only last
>>  gave the right cheksum - 9bf42e8eabd2de2db1e28dc671651adb.
>>  Does it have any relation to "CERT Advisory CA-2003-21" or it's
>>  another problem?
> I think the proper place to ask would be either the ports at
> list (CC'd), or, even better, the net/bpft port maintainer - the address
> listed in ports/net/bpft/Makefile under the 'MAINTAINER' variable:
> vampiro at (also CC'd).

this issue caused by dumb naming of bpft snapshots (bpft-current).
you can see diff between current tarball and old ("right") tarball here

should I upgrade port to current state of bpft ?
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