Automake and Autoconf compatability issue.

Robert M.Zigweid rzigweid at
Fri Sep 5 04:25:09 PDT 2003

On Sep 4, 2003, at 6:53 PM, Kris Kennaway wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 02:00:19PM -0400, Robert M.Zigweid wrote:
>> Why is this cross-platform set of tools, being made less compatable
>> than the origainal package?
> Because this wonderful cross-platform set of tools need to be munged
> so that you can have multiple versions installed simultaneously
> (different ports need different versions).
> Kris
This is an incorrect statement.  The packages come with scripts that 
call the appropriate binary (the actual automake script etc).  The 
actual binary is called (for example) automake-1.7, leaving plenty of 
room for having multiple versions of the tool. Granted, this may be a 
hack to support their wonderful lack of support for backwards 
compatability.  The mangling in FreeBSD ports seems to me to be a worse 
hack, however.

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