broken ports

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-ports-local at
Wed Sep 3 18:15:13 PDT 2003

Ilya <mail at> writes:

> in hylafax port there is an error in rules file:
> ===>  Building for hylafax-4.1.7
> "rules", line 197: Need an operator
> make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
> *** Error code 1
> #
> # Include the make dependency file if it exists.
> #
> sinclude ${MKDEPFILE}
> ^^^^^^

That 's' is not present in the makefile in the hylafax tarball.  Seems
to be some sort of corruption at your machine.

> also the saint port from security, the 3.5.8 version does not exists anywhere,
> icnluding binary distros on freebsd ftp, should it be removed from ports?

No, that tarball is available from, as the port will tell
you if you try to fetch it.  [At least, the latest version of the port...]

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