Configuration files after portupgrade horde and imp

Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at
Wed Sep 3 14:37:33 PDT 2003


> This is a known problem, and unfortunately, I have not yet found a
> satisfying solution. Usually, the configuration files of a release n
> don't work anymore with release n+1.

It's not clear from Heinrich's message, but if this was a major version
upgrade, then a pkg-message saying that the original config files have
been backed up would be appropriate.

If you're overwriting the original config files on each install (as I
suspect), then that is wrong. It would be appropriate to save distributed
config files to another location - eg. .default, .dist or similar, perhaps
with an informative pkg-message.

> Actually, we would need a kind of mergemaster...

Quite a few apps either know how to update their own configs or provide
tools to assist. This is not really a ports issue.

> Any better ideas or patches are welcome!

I would try to offer a patch, but I don't know nearly enough about this
port to help. It should be simple enough not to overwrite config files
(and any other files an install should never touch) and to write a
suitable pkg-message.

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