Configuration files after portupgrade horde and imp

Heinrich Rebehn rebehn at
Wed Sep 3 02:48:04 PDT 2003

Hi lists,

I just upgraded horde and php on our server via portupgrade.
After the upgrade nothing was working anymore, it was impossible to login to 
horde anymore.
I noticed that my horde/imp configuration files had been replced by the default 
files. My old files had been saved as <filename>.bak.

Is this expected behaviour? Wouldn't it be better to leave the config files 
intact and install the new ones as <filename> or something similar?
This way the application would still be working after the upgrade and i would 
have time to inspect the new default config files for changes without being 
disturbed by users complaining that they can't use their webmail interface anymore?

Kind regards,

Heinrich Rebehn

University of Bremen
Physics / Electrical and Electronics Engineering
- Department of Telecommunications -

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