Where did PEAR go???

Thierry Thomas thierry at pompo.net
Tue Sep 2 10:06:19 PDT 2003

Le Mar  2 sep 03 à  9:05:11 +0200, Gerard Samuel <gsam at trini0.org>
 écrivait :
> Roman Neuhauser wrote:
> >   there is a better way: install the required pear-* packages.
> >   the bootstrap dir is a hack for the ports system to break out of
> >   circular dependencies.
> >
> Please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area.
> But PEAR.php comes with the default php install.
> Thats all the script (Chora/Horde) needed.  Whats the purpose of 
> installing pear-* packages???

When you install php4, you only get the PEAR's bootstrap part. Horde and
other applications require several other packages (pear-Date, pear-Log,
pear-DB, etc.).

Th. Thomas.

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