start/stop script woes: ./ Cannot determine the PREFIX

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Tue Sep 2 09:11:14 PDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-09-01 at 12:18, Andreas Klemm wrote:
[ ... ]
> Its really not very comfortable having to call the start/stop scripts
> with the complete path.
> root at titan[ttyp2]{211} /usr/local/etc/rc.d ./ start
> ./ Cannot determine the PREFIX

I agree with your complaint: while the script may need to invoke itself 
(typically for a restart command which looks like "$0 stop ; $0 start"), it 
doesn't need an absolute path to do so.  SysV-style init scripts used to be 
associated with runlevels, so that the startup script for Squid would be in 
/etc/init.d/squid, and symlinked to /etc/rc2.d/S50squid.  That is, symlinked via 
a relative path like "../init.d/squid", not an absolute path.


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