FreeBSD Port: dvd+rw-tools-

Andy Polyakov appro at
Mon Sep 1 08:56:40 PDT 2003

Hi. FYI dvd+rw-tools were just updated to, which I consider 
essential to update to. If compared to 5.10.x (which is currently 
available as "official" FreeBSD port) this release most notably 
addresses couple of issues with new Pioneer DVR-x06 dual-format unit 
(poor DVD+ recording performance and unit remaining inaccessible for 
some extra time after growisofs and dvd+rw-format exited) and a problem 
with SANYO derivatives such as Optorite unit (failure to start recording 
other than DVD+RW). In addition note that Makefile.m4 was modified to be 
more "FreeBSD Ports"-friendly, hopefully eliminating the need for 
patching:-) Also note that dvd+rw-tools are still installed as 
set-root-uid by default, but there is a "hook" to override this. To 
install as non set-root-uid you can pass extra BIN_MODE=0755 argument to 
'make install', which can be done in Makefile provided as part of the 
port package. Cheers. A.

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