restrictive license

Charlie Root root at
Thu Oct 30 09:08:37 PST 2003


I want to create a port for a commectial product that has
native FreeBSD version. This software is not free - it is not open source
and  redistribution of modified archive (read: of FreeBSD package)
without permission is prohibited. However, it may be used free of charge
in a commertial environment and redistribution of distfile is permitted
by its license.

Very probably, I will get a permission for The FreeBSD Project
to redistribute package so will be possible not to include NO_PACKAGE
in a Makefile. Again, it might be possible to get a permission
to put the package onto DVD and not to include CO_CDROM
in the Makefile.

The conversation goes through e-mail and in Russian. 
With luck, FreeBSD has enough russian-speaking committers.
If I manage to obtain permissions for FreeBSD, what form they have to be?

Eugene Grosbein

P.S. Please CC: me as I'm not in list. Thank you.

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