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Kent Stewart kstewart at
Wed Oct 29 09:06:14 PST 2003

On Wednesday 29 October 2003 08:57 am, Andrew J Caines wrote:
> Kent,
> [snip large amount of unnecessary quoted text]
> > Wait till a change like the last upgrade to gettext comes along and you
> > have to rebuild all of the ports that use it.
> I don't have to wait. I've done it with gettext last time around and other
> changes with similar effect since way back.
> > He will have to rebuild each of them  manually. You can use portupgrade
> > recursively on gettext and wait for it to  finish.
> True, portupgrade really does do this awkward job automagically, as long
> as the ports' dependencies are all correct. I've found this to be a little
> hit-and-miss. I've scripted a little tool for finding packages linked to
> missing .so libs, called "missinglibs". Simply run as "missinglibs libfoo"
> or "missinglibs".

A much more recent example is libxml2-2.6.1, which was upgraded on 28 Oct. 
Technically, you need to upgrade all of the ports that use it, which is 25 
ports on my system. Practically speaking, you can probably get by just 
rebuilding libxml2. However, if the upgrade was to fix an error in a header 
file describing a structure that had been broken. You need to force update 
all of the ports that use the fixed version of libxml2. I will bet on 
portupgrade doing the job right. Murphy is waiting for people to do it on 
their own :).


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA

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