INDEX-5 is deleted then reconstructed by "make index"

Scot W. Hetzel hetzelsw at
Tue Oct 28 19:40:23 PST 2003

From: "Dorin H." <dhogea at>
> Hello everybody,
>   The incantation to update the ports is according to
> the list (after cvsuping the sources):
> 1. make index
> 2. portsdb -u
> 3. portversion -l "<"
> ...
> Nevertheless, the "make index" starts by deleting the
> INDEX-5 file; then it recreates INDEX-5. This takes
> some considerable time.
> Would it be possible to jump over "1.make index" and
> go straight to step 2 (it would save a lot of
> time...)? Or there are other artifacts created by
> "make index" process?
The INDEX* files that you receive from cvsup are outdated, as these files
are only occasionally updated in the ports CVS repository.  Doing the 'make
index' updates these files to contain the latest information as of the date
you cvsuped.

Otherwise when you run portsdb and portversion to check your ports
collection, it'll report that your current packages are up to date, and you
won't know that your ports are out of date.


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