ports/58588: port dns/bind9: PORTEPOCH must be increased

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Tue Oct 28 05:50:59 PST 2003

Doug Barton wrote:

> I specifically stated that I did not want to bump portepoch for this port.
> I realize that my error in version numbering previously caused some confusion
> about 9.2.3 being a more up to date version than, but this will quickly
> be resolved with the next version, ...

9.2.1:   8/01 2002
9.2.2:   3/04 2003
9.2.3:  10/24 2003

The average release cycle is ~ 5 Months, I don't consider this to be `quickly'.

> ... and affected only a few users who installed the release candidate.

That means everybody who upgraded bind9 between 9/24 and 10/24.

And I assume lots of people did, to get the new delegation-only option to evade
Verisign's sitefinder, see for example the thread on freebsd-hackers@:

> The portepoch change is permanent, and perpetuates a silly kludge for no good
> reason.

The good reason is that people will get the upgrade. Hell, there are a lot of
silly kludges in the FreeBSD port tree, and I welcome every proposal that point
out a better solution.

> Please do not change this again without discussing it with me.

Ok, here we go.

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