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Erwin Lansing erwin at
Mon Oct 27 12:28:07 PST 2003

On Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 05:21:01PM +0100, Miguel Mendez wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Miguel,
> After my 5 week trip into the Linux world, and after some horror stories
> with its VM, I'm back on FreeBSD. So I'll upgrade those ports that are a
> bit stagnant. KATO Tsuguru has submitted a couple of PRs for two of my
> ports (LyX and gtetrinet), could some nice committer take care of them?
> Both are good in my book.
> The PR numbers are: 57803 and 57705
Good to see you back!

Could you write a follow up to the second one as well, just to have your
approval in the audit trail?


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