grip and -current

David Thiel lx at
Sun Oct 26 20:37:41 PST 2003

Has anyone gotten grip to run under 5.x-current? I've tried it on
a couple of boxes now, and I'm getting a sig11 on both.

A truss gives:

open("/usr/X11R6/share/locale/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/",0x0,00) ERR#2  'No such file or directory'
open("/usr/X11R6/share/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/",0x0,00) ERR#2 'No such file or directory'
geteuid()                                        = 1000 (0x3e8)
getuid()                                         = 1000 (0x3e8)
getegid()                                        = 1000 (0x3e8)
getgid()                                         = 1000 (0x3e8)
Process stopped because of:  16
process exit, rval = 139
zsh: 4993 segmentation fault (core dumped)  truss grip

Anyone have any ideas? Under stable it seems to work fine.

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