DigiTales newsletter: Last call...

Roger Barnette info at
Sun Oct 26 01:08:53 PST 2003

DigiTales newsletter: Last call...

The newsletters will start flowing
again next week.  I am now gainfully
employed full-time and it has indeed
been the answer to 2 years of fervent 

The website is being reworked to just
be fun and to capture these newsletter
tips for future reference.

A number of people confirmed their
subscriptions in June.  If you have
already done that no further action 
is required to remain on the DigiTales
newsletter email list.

See the newly converted archive of 
DigiTales at:

If you didn't confirm to remain
on the list but have changed your mind
visit the new registration page.

Thank you for your patience as I have
stuggled through self and under employment
and into full employment.

Your prayers and patronage has truly been 
a blessing to myself and my family.
Thank you so very much!


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