GNU packages and gettext

Simon Barner barner at
Thu Oct 23 08:22:36 PDT 2003


as some of may have noticed, I fixed a number of ports that did not use
the system wide gettext installation but the one included in the package
(if you ask me GNU people should never have started shipping gettext
with their source tarballs).

I became aware of these issues due to Oliver Eikemeier's ports conflicts
email ( ) 
because the ports using the internal gettext implementation all
installed the following files:


I have two approaches in mind how one could tackle this problem at its

1. Implement a USE_GETTEXT variable (but most often I needed to fix
libiconv frist in order to get gettext working).

2. Modify portlint such that it reports an error when either
`charset.alias' or `locale.alias' are in the pkg-plist.

Comments are very much appreciated.

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