strange url

Rob Evers rob at
Thu Oct 23 01:12:49 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I'm trying to make a port for postfixadmin, but I've bumped into a 
little problem, the download url is:

This is what I've done: (I know it's no finished yet)
# New ports collection makefile for:    postfixadmin
# Date created:                         23 October 2003
# Whom:                                 Rob Evers <rob at>

PORTNAME=       postfixadmin
CATEGORIES=     mail

MAINTAINER=     rob at
COMMENT=        PHP frontend to postfix and mySQL

NO_BUILD=       yes

.include <>

It downloads fine but leaves the file 
'download.php\?file=postfixadmin-1.5.4.tgz' in /usr/ports/distfile 
instead of (ofcourse) 'postfixadmin-1.5.4.tgz'. Is there a easy way 
around this or do I need to mirror this file in a differen location 
(without the php'ized url).

Many thanks

Rob Evers.

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