a reminder to PR submitters

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Wed Oct 22 17:46:35 PDT 2003

> It's may be not for cgi-program, but I'd like to have a mechanism to 
> watch for some PR's. Like bugzilla or freshports.org have.

I have the code to scan PRs, but I do not have the subscription-
based back end like Dan (=freshports) has.  Failing that, I am
reluctant to just "send out" PR reminders.

The code I am working on is a batch-based reminder list that
would only go to a) people who do not have an @FreeBSD.org
address (because they can be assigned the PR in GNATS and
thus automatically reminded) intersection with b) PRs are
that more than "some number of days" old (I think my
prototype is set for 60 or 90).

The main problem with this is not technical, it's political.
I do not wish to unilaterally impose any post-facto burden
on maintainers.

The secondary problem is that my PR classification algorithm
generates false positives.  Thus before any run of the
notification code, my database must be manually preened to
remove them.  (I cannot imagine anything more irritating
than to get an automated complaint about something that
isn't really your problem and thus really can't do anything

I was actively working on the batch code until I got a commit bit
a week or so ago and have been fixing other stuff since then :-)

In the meantime you can get an HTML page with your ports at
and bookmark the result once you put in your own email address.


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