Firebird 0.7 and the keyboard; c&p to FB from Evolution

Adam Weinberger adamw at
Wed Oct 22 13:21:32 PDT 2003

>> (10.22.2003 @ 1544 PST): Mike Patterson said, in 1.7K: <<
> I've noticed lately, particularly since upgrading to Firebird 0.7 (but I
> believe this may have happened a few times with 0.6.1) that occasionally
> Firebird will appear to stop listening to any keyboard input - ie, if
> the cursor is in a text entry box, nothing I type has any effect, ^T
> does not open a new tab and ^W does not close one, etc.  To get keyboard
> back in FB, I need to close it and re-open it.
>> end of "Firebird 0.7 and the keyboard; c&p to FB from Evolution" from Mike Patterson <<

I get the same thing in mozilla. Simply focus another window and then
refocus firebird... that should get your keyboard input focus back.

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