Firebird 0.7 and the keyboard; c&p to FB from Evolution

Mike Patterson mpatters at
Wed Oct 22 12:45:47 PDT 2003

I've noticed lately, particularly since upgrading to Firebird 0.7 (but I
believe this may have happened a few times with 0.6.1) that occasionally
Firebird will appear to stop listening to any keyboard input - ie, if
the cursor is in a text entry box, nothing I type has any effect, ^T
does not open a new tab and ^W does not close one, etc.  To get keyboard
back in FB, I need to close it and re-open it.

I do have a couple of extensions installed (All In One Gestures, Tab
Browser Extensions, and the googlebar), but I've been using those for
some time.  I suppose it's possible that these cause problems with the
newer browser.

I've also noticed, but this could be (likely is) an evolution problem,
that if I copy and paste an email into a text entry box in Firebird
(this occurred with Firebird 0.6.1, and I think it's since evo went to
1.4.5) the email runs all into one line.  I only use plain text email. 
The above problem with keyboard input seems to happen most when I'm
c&p'ing an email into a text entry box.  I don't know if the behaviours
are related; most of what I use FB for is using our own rt-based trouble
tracking system, so of course I'll see it more often using it in that
manner.  :)

I'm wondering if I'm alone in seeing these problems, or if somebody else
has experienced them too?


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