Improving mail/imap-uw

Mark Edwards mark at
Sun Oct 19 13:19:50 PDT 2003

I want to build imap-uw and cclient with mbx format being the default 
for new mailbox creation.  If building by hand, one does the following:

 > make {target) CREATEPROTO=mbxproto

I've tried contacting the port maintainer twice about adding this option 
to the port, with no response, so I guess I have to hack it myself.  
imap-uw uses mbox format by default for compatibility reasons, but mbx 
is a much better and faster way to go.

So, I tried adding:


to the port's Makefile.  That did nothing.  The port still compiles with 
unixproto as the default.

I don't really understand port Makefiles.  Can someone give me a hint as 
to how to hack this?


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